I am waiting for my contract from Dianna Collier to arrive.  Upon completion, I will mail her Eyes of the Unknown and Eyes of the Searchers.  Dianna will then send off book one, and possibly book two, to a number of different publishers.  Until then, I am currently working on the outline for the third book in my trilogy.


Eyes of the Searchers

I have just completed the rough draft of Eyes of the Searchers-book two.  I’m so excited with how well it turned out and I am continuing to polish it.  Dianna Collier has also informed me that she will be leaving for New York on Thursday to pitch my book.

The Work Moves Steadily Forward

If all goes according to plan, Dianna will be flying to New York at the end of this month to pitch my book to Harper Teens and Tor Publishers.  Currently, I am editing my outlines for the second and third book in this series.   I have also created a synopsis for each book that Dianna will be using to hopefully sell a three book deal.  I am very excited to work with Dianna on this and hope that it bears fruit