About Me

I was born and spent my earliest years in Rockford, Illinois, but at age five moved near Dallas, Texas.  Most people who visit Texas hate the long hot summers, but since moving to Utah, I have learned that I actually miss the heat.  In my opinion, the hotter, the better.   Despite the matchstick trees and overabundance of malls and grocery stores, my husband loves visiting along with me.

After graduating from high school, I attended one semester at Baylor University before transferring to Brigham Young University.  I studied education and history and then went on to teach elementary school for a number of years.  I met my husband at BYU, and after graduation we married and moved to Salem, Oregon.

I am a writer and currently have my manuscript Eyes of the Unknown with two different publishers.  I have completed five young adult books and am currently working to complete the sixth.  I also have a passion for refurbishing and creating my own house hold designs.  Nothing makes me happier than to take something old and seemingly useless and turn it into something extraordinary.  

My husband and I currently reside with our two children in Northern Utah.