Baby crib and old cabinet turned into buffet table!

What, oh what to do with a baby crib that your son has teethed on until huge chunks of wood are gone and your daughter has rocked apart?  Instead of sending it on its lonely way to a thrift store, how about turning it into something that makes everyone go, “WOW!”

Step 1

Take much loved crib and cut it up with a table saw!  Yes, I know, but trust me it’s gonna look fabulous.  I will post my crib soon to give you a better idea.  Normally I will take step by step pictures.  Look for what pieces you can use.  The crib slats will eventually make up the bottom part of the shelf.

Step 2

You have two choices, find an old cabinet or build your own.  I had an old ugly set of cabinets that I chose to give a face lift and make it simple.  Originally they were flat-faced doors.  I sanded them down, added crown molding, and painted a very earthy brown.  I’ll show you how to redo flat-faced cabinets on another post.

Step 3

Saw crib legs into 5 new legs about 3 to 4 inches long, depending on how tall you want your buffet table.  Attach 2 of the legs to each end of the cabinet from below and one in the center with screws.  Predill your holes from the inside of the cabinet as well as the legs.

Step 4

Measure the width of your cabinets and cut crib rails according to that width.  Cut enough to cover the entire top of the cabinet.   Attach the crib rails with liquid nail as well as using short screws below for extra security.  Make sure you predrill.  Paint the rails the same color as cabinet.

Step 5

Cut more of crib legs or any other part of your crib that will work  into 8 shelf stands that are about 3-4 inches tall, depending upon how tall you want your shelf.  Attach to the end, spacing about 2 inches apart in a column.  Secure with liquid nail as well as screw from below inside the cabinet.  Predrill!  Paint same color as cabinet.

Step 5

Measure the width and distance of your cabinets and select either one solid piece of wood that fit those dimensions. I chose two pieces of pine, stained them an american chestnut, liquid nailed them together as well as creating short strips of wood that I screwed side by side (spaced 6 inches across) into place for added strength.  Lay across your shelf stands and secure from below with two inch shelf brackets.

Step 6

Cover any screw holes with thin strips of crow molding using liquid nail and small molding nails.

Voila!  Please feel free to post any additional questions.  Again with future projects, I will take step by step pictures.


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